Development of my Research Path

Whoever wonders about the real meaning of his/her own life is virtually accomplishing the fundamental philosophical act: inquiring reality in order to discover its deepest meaning and all the related definitive truths. This is also the primary need from which my philosophical research path was engendered, in the attempt of gaining the kind of knowledge (the “sophia” included within the same etimological meaning of the term “philo–sophia”) that is only reachable through the most rigorous use of human reason. Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas represent the primary reference point of my researches, both on the methodological and theoretical level.

From the beginning the core of my research interests is pivoting on Metaphysical Theology (or Natural Theology), that is, on everything concerning the rational proofs of God’s existence. However, although my BA thesis was devoted to the theoretical analysis of one of the tomistic “five ways”, during the years I have been always better realizing how huge the set of knowledges required for an adequate study of Natural Theology must be. Something of which, after all, Saint Thomas was warning us from the beginning:

«Ad cognitionem enim eorum quae de Deo ratio investigare potest, multa praecognoscere oportet: cum fere totius philosophiae consideratio ad Dei cognitionem ordinetur; propter quod metaphysica, quae circa divina versatur, inter philosophiae partes ultima remanet addiscenda. Sic ergo non nisi cum magno labore studii ad praedictae veritatis inquisitionem perveniri potest» (Sancti Thomae Aquinatis Summa Contra Gentiles, I, 4).

Due to this reason and also to the contingencies of my academic career the course of my studies has developed as follows: