Bioethics and the Risks of Meta-nudging Relativism


(paper in English): Health policies are often nudging policies, a fact full of ethical implications. In order to approach this complex topic, I shall, first of all, introduce the reader to the Nudge Theory, focusing on the presence of deep relativistic biases at its root. Secondly, I shall be arguing that nudging from relativistic premises has the hidden and contradictory effect of spreading (meta-nudging) relativism itself as a proper ethical stance. An effect that bioethics should be especially concerned with, because is likely to cause a general disregard of scientific data or even the production of pseudoscientific literature. The risk is then that public institutions on such an adulterated base could be led into a vicious circle, by promoting and increasing biased nudges instead of unbiasing them. As a paradigmatic example of the whole phenomenon, the case of gender theory will be briefly considered due to its very relevant medical and bioethical consequences.

Medic, 27 (1), pp. 56-62