Teoresi essenziale del principio di causalità nel confronto fra San Tommaso e il neotomismo


Essential Theoresis of the Principle of Causality in the Confrontation between S. Thomas and Neothomism (paper in Italian): Whithin the whole work of St. Thomas Aquinas one cannot find a concept of causality intended as first principle of knowledge. Such a doctrine has been developed only later, to the extent that, in the context of the nineteenth and twentieth-century Neothomism, the same demonstrability of God’s existence (through a rielaboration of the “five ways” of St. Thomas) has became dependent upon an alleged “first principle of causality”. The present paper is primarily devoted to critically analysing this new doctrine of causality, in order to establish if its insertion into St. Thomas’ metaphysical theology could correspond to a really sound improvement.

Rivista di Filosofia Neoscolatica, 4, Philosophical Review of the Catholic University of Milan, pp. 509-550